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Cathy Bernier

Cathy Bernier of Trujillo Property Services

A clear indicator of growth is the ability to find available rentals…in any market.  Those lot owners that chose to build on their property in our Developments are reaping the rewards of that decision today.  Having a crystal ball would make life so much easier, especially with regard to real estate.  Having said that, we do have the fortunate opportunity to look just to the north of us, in Roatan to see first hand what happens when you bring mass amounts of people into an area.  This is really the fundamentals to real estate investing and real estate growth.  In-migration is one of the key elements to look for and it is very apparent that in-migration is set to really take off in Trujillo. “We’ve seen a steady increase” states Cathy Bernier of Trujillo Property Services, “but this year has been the busiest year to date, and we haven’t experienced the cruise ships docking yet!  That will happen next year and those people who’ve built have the advantage”

AVB 80 front view (1)

Lot #80 ~ Alta vista Beach Community

Trujillo Property Services  manages the properties that have been built in our Life Vision Developments. They perform monthly inspections and repair what needs to be repaired, so it’s peace of mind management for your tropical asset. Trujillo Property Services also handles the rental market within the Life Vision Developments. Currently there are 7 properties in the Campa Vista Development that are in the rental pool.  Many of the houses have long term leases in place, anywhere from 3 – 12 month terms.   In the Alta vista Development there are currently 5 houses available to rent and 2 of these houses have long term tenants as well.  They have been rented out for longer term leases to engineers working on the Betulia Hydro Dam project under construction. Another  house will be rented in March for 4 months by the same construction company.  Trujillo Property Services  has also been in contact with 2 families from Saskatchewan coming to the Trujillo area to rent and work for the next year.  “There has been more and more activity” says Cathy, “bringing a greater understanding about the area and what Trujillo has to offer.  We are really just getting started”   The future looks very bright for Trujillo and those that have purchased property and for those that decided to build. Generating passive income through rentals is always a smart decision.  If you haven’t yet built and wish to do so, contact Cathy McLarney from Jaguar Construction to inquire about their special offer valid until September 30th.  Trujillo Property Services can manage your rentals and manage your tropical real estate assets, so you can enjoy the property yourself and the income that it will generate for years to come. It really doesn’t get any better than that ~

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